The VibraTrim models

VibraTrim currently manufactures three models. All of them utilize the oscillating style of Vibration. The oscillating style was selected as being the best source of vibration for your body. You can see it in action on the Living in Style Video. The vibration plate is pivoting in the middle so when your right foot is up, your left foot is down and vice versa. This movement is beneficial to your lower back as it is mimicking the natural walking movement. There are some types of vibration known as the piston or vertical style that our medical advisors have told us could possibly injure the back with extended use. This is explained in greater detail in the "How it Works" page. The VT400 utilizes the oscillating vibration but also uses the spiral vibration. These two vibration types can be run independently or together giving you a total of three types of vibration in one machine. It is explained in detail on the "VT400" page.