Arthritis Studies


The references provided by VibraTrim is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The studies listed on this page are provided for general information only. These independent studies reference the years of research into vibration therapy and training and their research is independent of the VibraTrim. The FDA has not evaluated these studies. Most of these studies are listed on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website.

While the use of vibration therapy and training is still a relatively new concept to most health, fitness and medical professionals. It certainly does not suffer from lack of supportive research, and while there is obviously much research yet to be done in the area. The overwhelming consistency of findings, from scientific research that currently exists on the subject, is a compelling precursor to VibraTrim's potential applications and impact on this revolutionary method of training and treatment.

Here are examples of published science, supporting some of Whole Body Vibration technology and claims, including enhanced muscle strength, bone density, hormonal release/circulation and pain reduction. This list while being large is not exhaustive of the subject. All exercise carries with it some element of risk. To reduce the risk, everyone, particularly those over 35 or who have known back, heart or blood pressure problems or any other medical illness or problem should be cleared by a physician before beginning this or any exercise program.