The VT400 for only $2099

Features of the VT400


  • 3 types of movement in just 1 machine (orbital, oscillation and vibra-oscillating) produced by two strong motors
  • The VT400 oscillating platform is suitable for all types of users, from the most basic level to the most advanced.
  • 60 Speeds per vibration type that is 360 speed combinations
  • Heart rate monitor
  • DUAL VIB movement: add orbital motion to the traditional oscillating motion that vibrating platforms produce. The muscles are worked not only longitudinally but also transversely. It generates motion in the 3 spatial planes (tri-axial) which is vital for:
    • Working the muscles more thoroughly
    • Fighting more effectively against cellulite
  • Programs:
    • A manual program that lets you control both the oscillating, orbital vibrations either independently or together.
    • Three preset programs controls both vibration and changes speeds and time span.
    • The user can also define 6 programs of their own which can be changed at any time on the USB Flash Drive.
  • Resistance bands are included
  • Large exercise wall chart that shows many exercises and the muscles that are exercised
  • Only 14 screws to assemble
  • A full two year waranty.


Maximum Power 2HP
Input Voltage 110 Volt 60Hz
Input Power 2 Direct Currentmotors of 500W and 300W
VIBRATION TYPE Oscillating, Orbital, and DualVib
Speed Setting Each type of vibration
can be set 0 –60 either
independently or together
Amplitude Oscillating: 0 to 10mm /
Orbital: 1 to 2mm /
DualVib: 1 to 10mm
G Force 2.8 - 7.35 Gs
Programs Manual, 3 pre-set
& 6 user definable
(USB Flash Drive)
Length of Programs 1-20min
User Weight Capability 331 LBS
Vibrating Plate Size 20” x 27”
Assembled Size 23” x 27” x 53”
Net Weight 126 lbs.
Gross Weight 146 LBS For shipping - it is packaged
in 2 boxes
29.5" x 26" x 12" 106#
57.7" x 13" x 12" 40#

Exercise Program

There are four charts of exercises

What kind of exercises can I do?
Each unit is shipped with a 20' x 25" wall chart plus a Users Manual. both of these show a variety of exercises and the the muscle group that is being affected by those exercises.

How long should I exercise?
The manual and the predefined programs default to 10 minutes which is an ideal number for most people. The maximum time that we recommend is to not be on the machine for longer than 20 minutes in one session. The reason is that you will stimulate a lot of lymphatic drainage and all of the toxins being released could make you feel a little funny. Some people, when they first get their unit, will tend to over do it. Thinking if a little is good for you alot must be great but this man not always be the case.

Many people use it several times a day without any problems.