VibraTrim VT202

Features of the VT202


  • The VT202 with the features that you asked for!
  • No Assembly required
  • Ultra Portable with Extendable Handle and Wheels (Suitcase Style)
  • Remote Control (with a storage place on the back of the unit)
  • Display Panel showing the speed & time
  • Easy moving between rooms, residences & closet storage
  • 20 different speed settings to accommodate different workouts
  • A manual and 3 built-in program
  • 3 Quick Start Buttons - Pushing the button takes you automatically to low,
    medium or high speeds without pushing the button several times to reach the
    desired speed in the manual setting.
  • A full two year waranty.

Using the VT202

  • How do I use this unit without handles?

    The first time that you use the VT202 it is suggested that you place the unit in a doorway, corner or next to something that you can hold on to for support. After you have used it a few times, you will say to yourself: "That was no big deal. I don't know what I was concerned about." It is much like a bicycle. Once you get your balance on it, you are good to go. Many users tell us that because there is nothing to hold on to that their balance automatically improves.
  • This model looks a lot smaller. Is it?

    Looks can be deceiving. The vibrating plate is roughly the same size as the VT400. The VT500 is 20.87" X 14.5" and the VT202 is measures 21.6" X 15.3". The biggest difference is the visual size. Since there are no arms on the VT202, it looks smaller. The floor space that the VT202 occupies is 28 1/3" x 22". The VT202 is not as deep since there is not a support column.
  • Can I do as many exercises on the VT202 as the other models?

    You can probably do more, since there are no arms or support columns to get in the way. This unit also comes with a large wall chart and manual that shows many exercises and the muscle groups that are affected by those exercises. Check out the section to the right.
  • The VT202 is much lighter than the other models. Is it as strong?

    The VT202 was designed not only to be extremely portable but to also be strong. We took as much weight out of this model as we could for that portability but kept the strength to make it hold up. The only compromise we made was to limit the user weight capacity. Most of the time people weighing more than 285 pounds want something to hold on to so we would recommend one of the other models. All of our models carry the same 2 year warranty.


Maximum Power 1.5 HP
Input Voltage 110 Volt 60Hz
Input Power 200W Direct Current
Speed Setting 20
Amplitude Oscillating: 0-10mm
G Force 1.5 - 7.5 Gs
Programs Manual & 3 pre-set
Length of Programs 1-10min
Vibration Type Oscillating
User Weight Capability 285 LBS
Vibrating Plate Size 21.6" X 15.3 "
Assembled Size  28 1/3" x 22" x 10.25
Net Weight 46 lbs.
Gross Weight 51 LBS

Additional Features  

Extendable Handle, Remote Control, Large Exercise Wall Chart  

Exercise Chart

What kind of exercises can I do?
Each unit is shipped with a 20' x 25" wall chart plus a Users Manual. both of these show a variety of exercises and the the muscle group that is being affected by those exercises.

How long should I exercise?
The manual and the predefined programs default to 10 minutes which is an ideal number for most people. The maximum time that we recommend is to not be on the machine for longer than 20 minutes in one session. The reason is that you will stimulate a lot of lympatic drainage and all of the toxins being released could make you feel a little funny. Some people, when they first get their unit, will tend to over do it. Thinking if a little is good for you alot must be great but this man not always be the case.

Many people use it several times a day without any problems.